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Three-layer Co-extrusion Line

Brand potop
Product Detail

● Casting experiment of polymer materials.
● Research and parameter optimization of casting production process.
● New material casting performance test
● Masterbatch dispersion performance test and evaluation.


●Strength European standard integrated frame, 304stainless steel desktop with aesthetic design.

● All-in-one functions such as casting, trimming, rollingand winding etc.

● The power rollers are independently driven by servomotor, the roller speed is controlled accurately, and the synchronizationperformance is good.

● The height of the casting roll can be adjusted up anddown to meet the process requirement of casting forming of materials withdifferent solution strength.

● Hard chrome mirror roll with 304 stainless steel rollcore, high surface finish and no rust.

● High-quality and intelligent PLC touch screen, easy tooperate.   

● Built-in circulating water cooling, precise control ofcasting roll temperature.

● Optional air knife or electrostatic adsorber to improvethe adsorption of the solution and the roll surface.

● Optional waste collection device for wasterecycling.




Co extruded layer


NO. of Extruder

2 sets

NO. of screw

Single screw

Screw diameter


Length diameter ratio L / D


Maximum screw speed

120 rpm

Co-extrusion mode


Die width

200 mm

Casting roller

2pcs, Roll   diameter: 120mm, roll surface width: 220mm,

Guide rollers

Roll   diameter: 46mm, roller width: 220mm,

Traction unit

Steel   roller diameter: 80mm, roller width: 220mm

Plastic roller   diameter: 80mm, roller width: 220mm

Winding assembly

Roll gas rise shaft diameter: 75mm, roller width: 220mm

Edge Assembly

Edge gas rise shaft diameter: 75mm, roller width: 220mm



Working voltage

Three-phase 380VAC±10%,Single-phase   220VAC±10%,50Hz

Note: The parameters are subject to change without prior notice.