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Film Bi-Oriented Stretched Machine FOCI-04S

Brand potop
Product Detail

Film Bi-Oriented Stretched Machine


● New product development in the field of high-end film

● Test and analyze physical and chemical properties of new material film forming
● Formulation design of high-end film
● Process research and parameter optimization

● Stretching ways include single-direction limited, single-direction unrestricted, bidirectional synchronous, bidirectional asynchronous etc.
● The stretching ratio in the vertical and horizontal directions is adjustable, maximum stretching ratio 4:1.
● The stretching speed in the vertical and horizontal directions is adjustable,   maximum stretching speed ~0.3 m/s.

Model FOCI-04S
Minimum size of stretched sample98×98mm
Max. thickness of stretched sample2 mm
Max. stretching ratio4 times
Clip number4 pcs each side
Max. stretching speed300mm/s
Stretching force per axis1000N
Clip air pressure5MPa
Speed modeConstant line speed
Stretching temperature250℃
Total power25KW
L x W x H1800×1000×1650mm

Note: The parameters are subject to change without prior notice.